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Invisalign Braces and Six Month Smiles in Edina, MN


Many people view a crooked smile as charming, quirky, or engaging. But though your family, friends, or neighbors may love the way some of your teeth overlap, your dentist might not feel the same way.

Crooked teeth prove difficult to clean, increasing the risk of gingivitis. Additionally, crowded teeth lead to premature wear and tear, resulting in eroded enamel and an increased risk of cavities.

Stone & Johnson at Edinborough Dental wants you to reap the benefits of a straighter smile, so we offer Invisalign braces and Six Month Smiles to Edina, MN residents.

Enjoy Straighter Teeth

When you want healthy, straight teeth, you don’t have to limit yourself to conventional metal brackets and wires. At our dental office in Edina, MN, you can choose between two aesthetically pleasing methods to align your smile.


Invisalign braces rely on the latest 3D technology for precision movement. If our dentists decide that you are a viable candidate for treatment, we’ll create a series of custom-made aligners out of a clear plastic material. You’ll wear each aligner for two weeks or so, and you’ll only take them out to brush, floss, and eat. As you move on to a new retainer twice a month, your teeth will slowly move into their proper place.

Six Month Smiles

Traditional braces can take several years to correct your bite and straighten your smile. But you can significantly speed the process when you opt for Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles involve transparent, ceramic braces and tooth-colored wires, so you don’t have to worry about your friends or family focusing on your teeth. Although not comprehensive in treatment, the wires create a gentle, consistent pressure that shifts your teeth into a visibly pleasing position.

Find Out If You’d Be a Good Candidate

Both Invisalign braces and Six Month Smiles require approval from a qualified dentist to guarantee the best results without causing further damage.

If you’d like to know more about either option, call our Edina, MN office at 952-831-1112. 

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